Review of your video game published on (600+ words)

  • Review of your video game published on (600+ words)

Are you an indie game developer looking for more exposure?

I know exactly how frustrating it is to spend months developing your game only to realize that nobody is playing the game you spent so much of your energy on. It happened to me when I released my first Virtual Reality horror game demo, the Haunted Motel.

If you're having trouble getting your game out there in front of more people then you're lucky you found out about this gig. Trust me.

A shout in the wind

I'm not going to go over the top and lie to you. The truth is that it's now harder than ever to get your game out in the world due to the insane amount of competition. Literally anyone who has access to Google, Youtube and Unity3D (all FREE) has everything they need in order to create an awesome video game.

It's just so damn simple compared to how things were just 10 years ago. And it makes sense that there are a trillion games and abandoned projects out there that nobody has ever heard about. And most probably never will hear about in the future.

Your game doesn't have to end up like this!

I can't guarantee you five star ratings- that's up to you and your own creativity.

But I can guarantee that people will hear about your game one way or the other. How many people? It's difficult to say. It might be 10 or it might be a whopping 1000 or more. Hey, I am not PewDiePie, alright?

But I can certainly say that with my experience in writing decent Search Engine Optimized content I will write a killer review about your game that will show up in Google results whenever someone searches for your game. And it will stay there for years to come.

In depth review, no bullshit.

With my years of experience in being both the content creator as well as the guy paying for content I've seen time and time again how most writers come up with utter crap that's better known as "filler content".

This type of content has no value, no personality and absolutely no meaning. Not only that, but with the new and advanced Google algorithms in place that actively scan the internet, these types of junk articles can do you more harm than good.

When you order this gig right here I will guarantee that you're not going to be disappointed because:

  • I will play your game first
  • I will come up with a list of PROS and CONS from the developer's perspective as well as the average gamer's perspective who can't even "hello world".
  • I will use epic images and screenshots to further communicate with the reader.
  • The article will be readable, SEO friendly and engaging to the gamer.
  • And as a completely FREE BONUS I will be sure to tweet and like/share the article on my own social media accounts.

Sound like a reasonable deal to you?

Then go ahead and purchase this gig right now and be sure to add a link to your game in the order comments section upon checking out.

I will get back to you within 24 hours after receiving the payment and will work closely with you until the article is ready and published on You have the option to request modifications to the article for a whole 7 day period as well. Pretty cool, right?

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