About Us

Unimagun is an Estonian word that stands for Papaver Somniferum (also known as the Opium Poppy). While our store has little to nothing to do with opium related products, the word itself was catchy enough and it's a beautiful flower anyway so that's how we decided to pick this name for our e-shop.

All of our products have been tested out by us first before adding them to our catalog and that's one of the reasons the shop is growing at a slower rate than you would expect. We have to actually wait for the stock to arrive, then we have to test them for quality and only then we feel confident enough to list them here on our e-shop.

Obviously this is done to provide only the highest quality service possible because we know very well how frustrating it is to purchase something online, wait for weeks for the product to arrive only to realize the item is of poor quality, broken or simply not the one we ordered!